December 27, 2009

Doctor Who - End of Time Part 2 Trailer (Spoilers Ahoy)

After this Christmas' End of Time, Part One episode (my take - full of sound and fury, with not much kicking in until the end), a brief two minute excerpt from part 2 was broadcast.

However, since many readers of this blog are from Canada (and have not seen part one), rather than embed it in this post, will warn that clicking the YouTube link will result in spoilers.

Watch before it's pulled.

End of Time, Part Two Excerpt


SFF said...

I've been enjoying your site Gordon for quite some time. Terrific stuff. Best wishes to you in the New Year. I put a little something up of my own that I thought you might enjoy. I went a little old school with a tribute to Barry Letts and a review of the classic Robot. We're going waaaay back. Take care.

SFF said...

Thanks, all the best in the New Year. Keep up the splendid work.