January 6, 2010

Giving the Blog a Makeover

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With the New Year underway, I have begun making some changes to the blog, some of which are visible. Figured that, before I went full out, I would update you on the following - because, let's face it, you, dear blog reader, are the ultimate arbiter of taste.

Just a few notes:
  • As you may be aware, the blog is becoming a little bit more Amazon-friendly; fortunately, I'll be taking advantage of the new Blogger/Amazon affiliate merger. (Podcast hosting and domains don't buy themselves, you know). I'm still keeping the online blog store open; just wanted to work towards making a blog much more affilate-friendly
  • The picture attached to this post is of my reading list at 16; yes, it's blurry, but was made on a really old camera and taken in the 1980s. This is a prelude to saying that if you were my high school classmate, you might want to join this Facebook page
  • In the sidebar is a poll for you to help me decide whether to keep this template, or find something cooler. And please, no notes about "real-bloggers-use-Wordpress"; quite frankly, I've heard enough complaints from Wordpress users to stay on Blogger (but may opt to switch in the future)
  • I've also revamped the Doctor Who DVD blog post from several years ago - please feel free to Digg/StumbleUpon/whatever to it. I could use the traffic
  • And I don't say this often enough...but thank you for reading. Whether you're a long-standing reader, or just someone who came across this site accidentally (or through a referral link), I appreciate your willingness to take time out of your busy day to read what I'm posting. Not too many bloggers seem to do that - in fact, I sometimes think they believe that you are entitled to their opinion. I sometimes take that attitude myself, and it's not appropriate. So, quite humbly, I thank you.

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