January 24, 2010

Welcome to Shuckton

In my mind, there are four things that completely redeem Canada from bringing us the dual nightmare of Anne Murray and Bryan Adams: Siskoid, the blogger; Homercat, possibly the greatest music blogger out there; the three guys in Radio Free Skaro, and the Kids in the Hall.

I spent a good chunk of last year liveblogging the Kids' original television run - I've even seen them live both taping and at a show in St. Louis (part of their Tour of Duty). So when I read that they would reunite for an eight part series on CBC, I was optimistic...but a little concerned that the Kids might show their age.

I'm happy to report after viewing the first two episodes that not only are the Kids "back in action"...but time has not dulled their dark sense of humor. In fact, there are even some moments of pathos involving Bruce as a former hockey player with a questionable past.

But that's getting ahead of myself - one of the great things about Death Comes to Town is that it avoids many of the mistakes that doing a revision/updating/reunion show would make. (And yes, I am talking to you, Red Dwarf) . There are very few references to past characters (except for Mark and Bruce as clueless cops, and the picture at right is one of the funnier sequences in the show), but there's an acknowledgment, at least, that time has gone on, and the fact that the Kids are older - and a little heftier - gives their humor a bit more added bite. (Especially in light of Scott's health issues)

It's also telling that Bruce McCullough is executive producing the show, and co-writing the scripts with his fellow troupe members. (Episode one was co-written with Kevin McDonald, and number two with Scott Thompson). Granted, his quirky sensibilities aren't for everyone, but in a series like this - where a demon comes to a small Canadian town to collect souls, and the mayor dies under unusual circumstances - they mesh relatively well. Kelly Makin's direction also really helps center the story, so much so that it seems sweet revenge after the failure of Brain Candy (which is not his fault, but simply put - this is a really well shot series)

Unfortunately, the CBC's site has a proxy block, meaning that non-Canadian browsers cannot watch this live. (Of course, Canadians can't enjoy Ironside reruns on Hulu, and the BBC does the same but for non-Englanders). Between this and NBC's late night shenanigans, I'm beginning to build a resentment for any television network that ends in the letters "BC".

Do what you have to, but watch this series. You'll thank me later.

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Siskoid said...

Well, THAT'S putting me in illustrious company!

Thanks, I am humbled.