February 28, 2010

Getting Schooled in Comics, Part Two

Yesterday, I posted about Reading With Pictures, which is an organization that wants to bring comics into schools. Today, I'm here in my function as part of the Comics Subcommittee of the Chicago Nerds Social Club.

(It's a great organization that involves, well, nerdy events. Don't judge me!)

On March 8th, if you're in the Chicago area, please join us for a "Comics 301" event focusing on comics and academia.

(Personally, I love academia nuts when they're baked into chocolate chip cookies....oh, sorry. As my fellow committee members Jeff and Nikki have reminded me, I'm thinking of macadamia nuts. My sincerest apologies)

In all seriousness, our guest will be Cord Scott, who has written extensively about the use of comics in academic pursuits and studies. It will be held on March 22nd at Challengers Comics, conveniently located at 1845 North Western in Chicago. Please check out the Chicago Nerds blog entry for more information, including how to register.

And speaking of which, I have to do some follow up work this week for CNSC. It's a guest that...hoo, boy, I'm hoping we can get. Timed just right, it would be a great kick-off event for C2E2 (which, just a heads up, I'll probably be doing some blogging for, as well as attending)

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