June 1, 2010

Congrats, Radio Free Skaro, on Your 200th Episode

Recently, one of my personal favorite podcasts, Radio Free Skaro, celebrated its 200th episode with all sorts of fanfare and hoopla.

And here at the blog, I won't make an exception. In fact, I intend to plagiarize another, now defunct better blog to provide you with five reasons why you should consider listening to this excellent Doctor Who podcast.

  • First, it's a Doctor Who podcast that doesn't quite take itself seriously - Oh, sure, they crack wise about certain aspects of the production (especially the new series), but they have an obvious love and affection for Who, even the wonky bits. (Although I wouldn't approach them and say "Fear Her is as good an episode as City of Death")
  • They're like the Three Stooges, only with much greater intelligence and wit - no, there's no eye poking or slapstick, but the hosts bring a strong verbal wit and intellectual edge to discussing Doctor Who. Warren's rather wily and sarcastic, Stephen brings charm and humor....and Christopher (aka "Pedantor") is the Joe Besser of the group. Not even hardcore Three Stooges fans - despite the Curly vs. Shemp debate - like Joe Besser.
  • But they do bring the funny to Twitter -OK, at least here, Chris approaches the witty heights of his co-hosts. Between this and the show's account, there's plenty of Doctor Who goodness to go around on Twitter. Even if you're not a Who fan, you'll get a sense of the fun of the show.
  • They love the classic series as much as the new series  - with Radio Free Skaro, there is as much love for classic Who as there is for new Who. (In fact, several episodes have had comments about how they're attempting to sway their significant others over to new Who). They openly admit to their love of the classic series (and Stephen's blog - linked to earlier in this post - provides some great insight into the classic series). This is a podcast that embraces Who in all of its forms.
  • Each podcast is chock full of news and information - if you're into the minutiae of Doctor Who, from who's doing DVD commentaries to overnight viewing figures, the Three Who Rule provide that information with a smile, a song in their heart, and without any whiff of geekiness. It's probably the greatest entertainment value for the money.
So again, RFS, congratulations on a great 200 episodes, and here's to 200 more!

P.S. Did I really compare Chris to Joe Besser?

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