September 5, 2010

Labor Day Podcast-O-Ganza

Yes, it's that time again - another episode of the podcast is up and running.

I'll be touching on current events, talking about some cool local events that will benefit the social good, and as always, talk about what I'm finding cool in comics, music, books, and television.

You have multiple options for enjoying the podcast - basically, you can either use the sidebar player to listen, or download from this page (which actually has show notes! Yes, I do link to what I talk about on the podcast. It's like having a cheat sheet).



Roger Owen Green said...

What was the name of the book about monogamy (or not) that you mentioned? I don't see it on your Amazon list.

Also, while Blago's a joke, I don't find him as contemptable as Palin. He was driven out of office, but she quit, and yet she could easily be the next President.

Gordon D said...

It's Sex At Dawn - included a link for it all by itself.

Pretty interesting book.