October 6, 2010

The Zen of Busy

Every morning, as I head to work (or Mom's, or other errands), I pass by this hospital turned museum.

As you may have read previously, September was a busy month...and October is proving to become just as critical with more work-oriented projects than, say, personal efforts. But in all, despite everything else, I'm becoming much more at peace with being busy.

Granted, it's not a feeling I necessarily want to continue - after all, putting life on the sidelines because I have "too much to do" is akin to wishing I could have a completely empty inbox before I go to that great Tweetup in the sky...but in many ways, I'm grateful.

Grateful that I've developed friends and relationships in Chicago, both in the "social media" sphere as well as offline.

Grateful that I'm still connected to my St. Louis pals, and am planning a return trip in November.

Grateful that, no matter what happens now, I'm in a much better position because, quite frankly, I have a good life that I can put on the sidelines...and that I'm actually open to expanding, wink wink nudge nudge say no more....

But there is a kind of stillness in keeping busy - a way of being at one with everything...when everything is all over the place.

Enough of my pseudo-philosophical rantings; I should write more about comics. And Doctor Who.

You know, important stuff like that.

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