January 1, 2011

Blog THIS, Pal: 2010 In Review

As everyone knows, every year I go back through the blog and post "highlights" with a random quote. (I think I stole it from Greg Burgas, although I could be mistaken).

However, 2010 was pretty cool, so this year, I'm not only posting quotes, but including the occasional "honorable mention" - a post or mention outside of the blog that I thought was cool.

And to quote Jackie Gleason, away-y-y-y we go....

January - Some days, it just doesn't pay to sneak a peek at Twitter while I'm working.

February - ...why I think Kari Byron is so much sexier than Jenny McCarthy

March - I know there are nine more months in 2010, but I think we have our first candidate for Worst Comic of the Year.

April - William Shatner? Really? How 2007....

May - You had me at redhead

June - We've had years of academic arguments...Joey goes straight for the gut. And wins.

July - His presence reminds us that life is fun, worth living, and Mr. BLESSED defines the concept of "awesome", so much so that he can only be spoken of in all caps and bold face font. 

August - Now, more than ever, the game is truly afoot.

September - It's statements like the one above that continue to convince me that fellow comics fan/Twitter maven Rich is my long lost cousin from England.

October - Bruce Campbell as the voice of Larry Trainor, aka Negative Man - There. I said it. I will fight you if you disagree.

November - Actually, two things - move the character beyond the Frank Miller pastiches of the last twenty-some years, but also really begin to rebuild the character of  Bruce Wayne

December -...it shows that Who fans share in some common values: a willingness to be open to new experiences, new people, and new ideas. Everything that I loved about the series as a teenager...well, it's there in spades now that I'm an adult.

Of course, there are big plans for the blog for 2011 - hopefully, will get the chance to share them in the next day or so.

As always, thanks for reading!

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Roger Owen Green said...

fyi, i did the same thing-it's posting tomorrow. oh, did i wish you a happy 2011?