April 28, 2011

One Reason I Love Doctor Who Fandom

Ok, I'll admit it...I like the fact that there's a greater percentage of women in Doctor Who fandom (in my perception) than in any other fandom I've experienced.

In addition, I like that women who are into Doctor Who - I've found - are intelligent, well-spoken and, at the very least, love one show that I enjoy so much.

Which is why I find the book Chicks Dig Time Lords such an amazing read - it's a collection of essays by female Doctor Who fans, and really shows off the diversity even within Doctor Who fandom. (With one fan expressing her inalienable right to "squee").

There's been a little talk about how nerds may be "overdoing it" a bit (and I'm planning to share my own thoughts in the next few days) - one of the joys of this book is that every essay demonstrates a love of Doctor Who without going overboard (Or, to paraphrase another blogger, they're into Doctor Who without being into being into Doctor Who).

(Can I sound even more patronizing and condescending? Yes, I can, but I'd better stop).

For what's essentially a more academic-style treatise, this is surprisingly readable. (No wonder it was recently nominated for a Hugo!) Many of the essays were - for me, at least - quite revelatory, from revelations around a Doctor Who actor's childhood fear of mannequins to another writer examining Martha Jones through the lens of race. It's pretty evenly split between examinations of the old series and new series (and looking at the differences between the two).

In short, this is a great book. I've read it three times already and have gotten much out of it. It's also a great book to give as a gift to your fellow Doctor Who fans...

In my humble opinion - this is mandatory reading.

Buy it. Read it. Now.

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