June 21, 2011

Didn't I Used to Do a Podcast, Long Ago?

Some of you (and by "some of you", I mean mostly Roger) may have wondered why you haven't heard the latest edition of my podcast.

Well, in all honestly, I've really not had the time to put together a show, and also....I've been regularly making guest appearances on the Zone 4 podcast. Comic Related pals Brant and Ron have been instrumental - and understanding - in getting me over the podcast hump.

(You know, I still can't believe Ron Fortier is a pal - if I had a TARDIS, I go back in time, pull my younger self into the future and say, "You know that guy whose writing on The Green Hornet you love so much? He's a close, personal friend now. So keep reading comics, son, and drop out of grad school).

OK, maybe I wouldn't tell a younger me to drop out of grad school....but just wanted to let you know that
the latest episode is up - and you'll definitely want to listen as we talk more about DC, Marvel, etc.

I also recorded episode # 119 last night, and that should be up on Friday, and I'll also be letting you know some other news about my "other" podcast.....

Keep listening. Especially you, Roger.

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Rogerogreen said...

I figured life got in the way. It's all cool.