August 5, 2011

Friday On My Mind, So To Speak

This has been one heckuva week, but I'm glad to say....

  • Mission: Red, the Red Cross experience auction fundraiser for which I volunteer as marketing co-chair, is officially kicked off. If you can make it in September, please feel free to sign up (and Twitter/Facebook/etc) at This is a very high-end event, but one which I think at least a few of you might be interested in (and you can always follow the event on Facebook)
  • Obligatory mention of my latest guest post on The Job Stalker
  • To the guy who called me a "hypocrite" in response to this post - sorry, dude, but you lost the argument when you used the same word I called that comic shop owner on. And if I offend someone, pulling my statement isn't hypocrisy - it's being responsible. Just like blocking you from making a response on this blog is, as well as encouraging people to visit your shop's competitor.
  • Speaking of controversial opinions, please give a listen to fellow Comic Related podcasters Nerd Girls Eye View as they discuss women in comics. 
  • Thankfully, I have a pass for WizardWorld Comicon next week...but may end up going either Friday or Saturday. At the very least, I can get a chance to beat up Billy Corgan for crimes against music and the city of Chicago. (Hey, I came of age in the '90s. He's a bit of a prat. I think I'm owed that much)
  • Remember that Doctor Who 101 event I did for Chicago Nerd Social Club? Planning one for September. Watch this space and others for details.
  • Finally, as long as it's Friday, it's time once again for a new Zone 4 podcast episode. Let pal Brant lay it out You Tube style:

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