September 3, 2011

Zoning Out This Holiday Weekend

This has been a busy, busy week - finished a small client project; interviewed for a part time social media monitoring position (which would mean working at an unusual schedule, but keeps it open for me to get one or two "bigger" clients/more steady work), and went so far as to post my (limited) resume online. (Yes, it will need some tweaking, but it should help with SEO, and plus, it's good practice when I revamp this blog's About Me page)

As always, it's time for another episode of Zone 4, in which we have a great, heart to heart conversation with Dirk Manning, writer of Nightmare World. I'll be doing a write-up of Volume 3, but it's safe to say that I enjoyed volumes 1 and 2. (Although you won't know it from this episode, because...well, it was hard to get a word in edgewise this time. Not complaining, just saying)....

And of course, there's also a new guest post at the Job Stalker blog....and since much of my activity seems to fall around writing, I'm going to schedule some time to possibly write a comic script or two. I've had one offer which I turned down (thanks, Mike!), but quite frankly, if I'm going to freelance, part of it should be something I absolutely love.