October 7, 2011

What You Are About to View Is Highly Classified

Yes, friends, if it's Friday it's time once again for another episode of the Zone 4 Podcast. I have to admit - now that I'm part of a team, I'm actually considering "retiring" the old podcast (archiving, ending my libsyn account, etc) - it's not that I'm not proud; I just think that it's much easier for me to let go of a solo endeavor now that I have some cool pals to podcast with.

In addition, I'm also going to be cohosting the new Whoverse radio show on WGT Radio Sunday afternoons at 1 pm CST. It's an "internet radio" program (which will be archived), and I'm excited to be expanding my media presence. If you would like to listen, head to the Facebook invite and tell us you'll be listening; I'll be sure my co-host and I give you the proper shout out.

And of course, new stuff up on Baker Street Blog and Job Stalker.