October 29, 2011

Your Pre-Halloween Preparatory Moments of Zen

Yes, this weekend is the lead-up to Halloween, and my plans are...well, thanks to little ol' freelancer me, I'll be spending good chunks of it working and being very mobile. I can't really complain though - it was some relatively poor planning on my part, and quite frankly, I'm going to have to start making social engagements more of a priority.

(It's one of the key disadvantages to evening and weekend work - topsy-turvey scheduling. However, thankfully my work commitments have led to a relatively stable income....not enough to buy a sportscar, but enough to take care of amenities. My only worry is a slightly sick cat, but that's part of the grand tapestry of life.

Money matters are actually handled in my latest post for Chicago Now's Job Stalker - it's a follow up to an earlier piece, and is one of the better pieces of writing that I've done in awhile.

Also, on Sunday at 1:00 pm CST, please join me and Phil for another live edition of Whoverse, the streaming Internet Doctor Who Radio Show. Simply click here, and you'll get to hear our live discussion of all things Who. (Please note - we're working on online access, so messaging me on Facebook asking why we're not giving you a shout-out may not be very effective). You can catch past episodes (both of them!) by clicking here.

Finally, there's a new, Halloween-themed episode of Zone 4 (via Comic Related) with an introductory bit that....well, let's let Brant explain it:

See you Monday with a final Quatermass & the Pit....as well as a little something extra.....