November 4, 2011

Getting in Trouble Online: The Friday Edition

By now, you're probably all used to me posting about my online shenanigans, whether it's another post for Chicago Now's Job Stalker or another call for you to head to to listen the Doctor Who online show I co-host (with episode three up on the archive at God, you'd think there was some kind of convention about the show coming up.....

...well, on November 19th at 12:00 pm, I'm fortunate enough to host a third (and final for this year) Doctor Who 101 session at Next Door Chicago, located at 659 W. Diversey next to Trader Joe's. (Thanks to Chicago Nerd Social Club for allowing me one last blow-out). We're able to hold more people (it is a Saturday afternoon)...but if you're planning to come, we're asking that you please RSVP by heading to 

In addition, I'll also be doing a guest-shot on Saturday at 2 pm CST on WGTR's Live Long & Prosper, which is a Star Trek-themed show. (In all honesty, I'll be called and participate via phone). Of course, this also means that I'm going to have to write twice the material, since I don't want my best material to be wasted and leave my Zone 4 pals wanting.

Speaking of which, check out this week's episode - I'll leave you with Brant's description, but you definitely want to give this episode a listen from beginning to end. The final end:

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