November 10, 2011

Join the Few, the Proud, the Comic Related!

Benefit # 1 - Distinctive
Casual Wear
November is a month that has a great deal of significance for me in one regard - it's the month when my column for Comic Related, "TV Party", first appeared online. (CR Guru/Close Personal Friend Chuck keeps reminded me that I was the "first" columnist; read into that what you will). Having a regular non-blog outlet for my writing has provided me with great benefits (including "press credentials")....and I would like to pass the magic onto you.

Comic Related is looking for people who are willing to write for them on a regular, consistent basis. They're looking for people who are willing to write weekly reviews of comics (with an indie slant, but they'll accept mainstream) as well as weekly/regular columns about things comic related.

Benefit # 2 - Cosplayers
Model Headwear on Request
Knowing Chuck, Brant (who is second only to Chuck in honesty, integrity, and all-around cool) and John (who is definitely the third out of three) as I do, they're a great group to work with. I mean, I get to interact with the guy who wrote all those Green Hornet comics I dug in the 1990s! I sometimes get the occasional piece to review! I get press passes! Plus, it's allowed me to develop my unique writing style.

(Although Brant is asking me to consider changing how I submit columns - he's claiming that my handwriting is already tough to read; writing it in crayon and faxing it in is really tough for him to transcribe).

What do you need to write for Comic Related? I've found these helpful:

  • A strong, writing ability - you don't have to be Shakespeare, but you should know basic grammar, composition, etc.
  • A strong opinion tempered with a strong sense of consideration - in order words, Beavis & Butthead-esque declarations of "this sucks" or "this is cool" aren't good enough; describe why you like the book, or why you hold a particular opinion
  • A sense of humor - unlike some bloggers who participate in a "fake" style of humor, Comic Related doesn't quite take itself so seriously
  • Dependability and an ability to meet deadlines.
So, you're probably wondering, how do I become a writer for Comic Related? Simply send an e-mail indicating your interest in either being a reviewer or a columnist. They'll follow up, and trust me, unlike other comic news web sites, you will never be able to say, "Comic Related never met a press release they didn't like."

Come join the Comic Related community - it is a total and complete blast. I'm still having fun after all this time, and it's only getting started. 

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