November 13, 2011

Live Long In Legion

I am seriously beginning to enjoy Chris Roberson as a comics fact, his pre-reboot run on Superman  improves on JMS' plodding and integrates a healthy amount of Grant Morrison-esque thinking, building and moving it to a nice, satisfactory conclusion that integrates a lot of diverse elements and makes it a satisfying read. In fact, I now have a small resentment towards DC for ending the series so soon.

However, if that meant Roberson was free to write the Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes crossover mini-series, so be it. After the first two issues, I am definitely on-board, as this is one of the more cleverly written, well-drawn, satisfying crossover series I have read in awhile.

Much of the enjoyment in this book comes from the fact that Roberson avoids the usual cliche in stories like this, where

  • Two different teams meet
  • Two different teams fight
  • Two different teams band together against common foe
In fact, Roberson provides a great twist - both teams are on a different, parallel earth (and no, it's made clear it isn't the Mirror Universe), but there's enough of an amalgam of both universes that make this....well, Roberson seems to be heading straight into the banding-together-against-a-common-foe....or is he?

The other highlight of this series - the art. Simply splendid. 

This is definitely one of the better mini-series out this year. Get it as soon as possible. You'll thank me later.

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