January 21, 2012

2012: So Far, So What

As I write this, Chicago has just experienced its first major snow of 2012. Fortunately, I spent part of this morning - early this morning - shoveling my porch and walk way, not only gaining valuable exercise, but most importantly, feeling like I've made a major accomplishment of the day.

Which is possibly the only other accomplishment I have done this week.

On the consulting/freelance end, I've put in a work order for a new client with a business development company in my neighborhood, and thankfully have completed several client projects. I was able to submit my resume for various positions (including freelance), and received a call back yesterday confirming a possible fit for one. So on the work effort, I am....well, a little worried, but these things always seem to work out.

On the creative side, I'm writing some scripts for a web comic, focused on a now public domain character. I have to submit eight pages later today (I'm on page six), and they're looking for twenty-two pages total. Hopefully, my approach to this character (which I think is a unique take on a comics character in general) will be cool enough to warrant being drawn and uploaded. Now, to figure out how to creatively write ways of punching robots.

And as you can guess, this is my weekend round-up of various online writings and appearances:

  • A special note to pal Roger - be sure to head to the TMV Cafe this Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST for Transmissions from Zone 4. I think you'll dig my segment, and it's not archived, so be warned. (Oh, and everyone else can come as well).
  • As always, please be sure to sign up for an upcoming event with Lynne Thomas, co-author of Chicks Dig Time Lords. It will be held at Arlington Heights Memorial Library on February 28th, and if you're interested in attending, please RSVP here. (You can do so until the day of the event). Also, please drop me a line if you want to help spread the word.
  • Also, March 4th - Dan Con. Orland Park. I'll be there. Won't you?
  • This week via the Job Stalker blog - some links I think you'll enjoy.
  • I'll be giving a presentation on January 24th - if you're in attendance, please feel free to drop by and say "hi". I always appreciate feedback on the site. If you have suggested a topic in the past, I'll get to it - honest.
  • Finally, be sure to check out this week's episode of Zone 4, and next Friday, for our 150th show, you'll get to hear my wit uncensored and unedited. Here's a clip from this week's episode:

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