January 24, 2012

Catch Zone 4 Fever This Week!

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This week, you get two - count 'em, two - chances to catch the wonder and magic that is the Zone 4 podcast via Comic Related.

Tonight at 8 pm EST/7 PM CST (and quite honestly, every Tuesday night), please join Brant, Ron and myself for Transmissions from Zone 4, an online radio show that is part of the Pulp Culture block on the TMV Cafe. If you're lucky, you might even get to talk to Brant and/or Ron in the online chat.

(Sadly, although we prerecorded the show, I will not be there for the live chat tonight, since I'll be making a presentation elsewhere, but I'm usually in for the shenanigans. Of course, Transmissions is unlike the regular podcast in three key ways - it's only one hour, it's not archived, and I'm actually allowed to get a word in edgewise. Unlike the regular podcast, where I sometimes get lost in the shuffle....but enough of my whining. And yes, we're working on getting Whoverse back on the air as well).

(NOTE - 2:10 PM - Tonight's episode of Transmissions will not be on. Be sure to check http://www.zone4podcast.com for more details)

And if I want to post a John
Romita picture of Mary Jane, 
I'll do that as well
But please be sure to join us this Friday night, January 27th, at 7:00 pm EST/6:00 pm CST for our live 150th episode! Yes, that's right - Zone 4 is going to be broadcast "live" via Talkshoe! Who knows what will happen - maybe we'll have a lively discussion! Maybe I'll drop multiple f-bombs and profanity during the course of the broadcast! Maybe both Ron and Brant will help me chow down on Chocodiles and milk during the broadcast!

(Ok, I digress, but it's my blog, and my prerogative.)

Just be sure to join us via this Talkshoe link on Friday. You will have a complete and absolute blast. I promise.

Oh, and if you have an endeavor and wish to sponsor our podcast, our rates are incredibly affordable for the small press/indie store/creative type. Just please drop us a line at zone4@comicrelated.com, and we'll send you our nice, professional-looking proposal. It's our way of saying, "Yes, we'll give you value for your advertising dollar".

But nonetheless, if you do two things this week, please make sure they involve Zone 4.

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