January 26, 2012

Support My Blog By Watching TV!

Official Shop of Warner BrosAs many of you know, I have some affiliate links on the right side of the blog - mostly, they're there for you to show your support.

One of them is for Warner Brothers studios (and if you are wondering why I'm being so up close and personal, please check out my disclosure policy) and I would like to invite you to help support this blog (mainly domain purchase, bandwidth, etc), through some really cool series they have on sale...and to take advantage of their bargains.

It's also a great way to catch up on some great television as well...although the WB Shop has standard Harry Potter/Superman/Batman/other fare, it has some really cool deals on some great television shows.

This is the sick kitty in question.
First, would you believe you could get each season box set of The Wire for under twenty bucks apiece? Well, would you believe Get Smart boxed sets for ten? How about Brisco County, Jr: The Complete Series for $12?

Ok, obvious references aside, there are some really good deals - seasons of Babylon 5 for $12 apiece, Deadwood Seasons 1 - 3 for $18 apiece, or even all three volumes of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law for under $30. Plus, since I get a little piece of the action, your money will go towards helping take care of this blog....and a sick kitty. I rarely, if ever, do the flat-out money grab, but thought that this would be a good way to encourage you, the reader, to help without feeling like I was begging.

(And plus, you should also consider checking out the WB Archive, which should be accessible by clicking the small banner in the upper left corner of this post. It's a DVD on Demand service that has many hard-to-find films, relatively obscure Hanna Barbera Cartoons (although, quite honestly, I believe it's worth it to own your own custom copy of 
The Herculoids).
So please visit the links and purchase something, and help keep this blog running.

I Pity the Fool that doesn't take this post seriously.

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