March 2, 2012

Let the Friday Celebrations Commence!I

I Dare You to Knock the Beer
Steins Out of Their Hands
Whew, this has been a busy week - a huge thank you to Lynne Thomas and Arlington Heights Memorial Library for a great Doctor Who- themed event this past Tuesday. It was, quite honestly, a great evening....and hopefully, to be repeated at a later date. (Which reminds me that I should probably check my calendar and think about doing another Doctor Who 101 event post-C2E2)....

Speaking of which, this week is going to see a great increase in my social activities, since Tuesday is my birthday. I'm planning an evening get-together with friends (and was asked by an acquaintance why I didn't schedule something for the weekend - really? I can't celebrate my birthday when I want to?), so Tuesday night at 6-ish, look for me at Fado's at Grand and Clark. Please bring presents as well. :)

In addition, just received the first colored, completed page of art for a web comic project I've been working on. It is, quite honestly, impressive. Once this is online, I'll be sure to link to it - the artist took my humble script and turned it into an artistic masterpiece. So much so that I'm considering sending him the latest Job Stalker post and seeing if he'll turn that into a classic.

While you're waiting for Dan Con on Sunday (and yes, I will be there - just be sure to ask around and someone will point me out), please feel free to give the latest episode of Zone 4 a listen. This time, Brant, Captain Ron, and I talk to Dan Sehn of Argo Comics. No trailer this time around, but this is a great episode.

And work-wise, although I'm nowhere near a traditional 9 to 5 job, I am moving slowly, but surely, towards building a steady freelance base. As one assignment will be ending in the few months, I'll be starting up another training series with a small firm. But I'm always on the lookout for opportunities, and if you think you know someone, please feel free to forward my Linked In profile to them.

Things are moving forward, and I am very grateful.

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