May 1, 2012

I Know Cool People: Above and Beyond FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

So you're thinking....Hey, wait a minute, why should I wait for this Saturday to pick up free comics? Where else can I find free stuff to read?

Earthbound Comics (who kindly sent me a copy gratis) is making one of pal Mike Luoma's Souverain stories available for free via Smashwords throughout the month of May.

(I've blogged about Souverain the comic before - it surprised me since it's not quite my genre, but I liked it. The Kid is one of the highlights of the book).

This story is downloadable in a variety of formats (and can be read online!), but if you want a good free read, and want to turn a non comic-loving pal onto a great concept, you might want to spare the bandwith for Souverain: The Kid.

Download it. Now.

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