May 19, 2012

Time The Avenger

Things have been hopping - potential freelance writing, scrambling to find an artist for my Zone 4 comic project, looking for work....things have been keeping me busy.

So busy, in fact, that I barely noticed that Comic Related had posted my Avengers review one week early. Not complaining - just wondering what it would take me to actually carve out some time to sit back and, like, play online.

Of course, I managed to crank out a new Job Stalker post, so there's that.

Anyway, things have been busy for me on the job search/freelance front - mostly, a lot of prep work which I'll have to dedicate significant chunks of time in completing, but since NATO will be shutting down most of downtown this weekend (and early next week), I can dedicate myself to getting things done.

Oh, and I almost forgot - new Zone 4 episode about a movie. It's an indie film about, like, cats and self-discovery, or something.

Oh, and the title of today's post? An obvious reference to this:

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