June 21, 2012

Cheapskate Film Festival: BRICK

Some films, once you see them on DVD, are so visually striking, and so immersive in its plot, that you long to see it on the big screen....if only to get a much fuller effect.

One of those movies is Brick, a 2005 noir thriller that....well, is much more than you would expect.

It's easy to see its high-school-as-noir-background as an R-Rated version of Veronica Mars, but that would be only part of the story. Unlike Mars, Brick tells an incredibly hard-edged story, leavened with brief bursts of sly humor. Rian Johnson (who also directed this year's Looper) tells a familiar story in a very disconcerting, haunting way.

It's hard to write about this movie without spoiling it....but see it. It's on DVD. You'll like it.

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