June 8, 2012

My Usual Friday Blogaround

Right now, I'm currently prepping for a few upcoming personal appearances - first, I'll be presenting tomorrow at Chicago COUNTS (for non-profits and tech), and I'll also be gearing up for my first Chicago Geek Breakfast as organizer. So if you're in the area, don't be like several people on that "social media channel with the words book and face in the name".

Seriously, I was informed by one or two such people that if I made it a lunch, they might come. My attitude - if you're not willing to get up early and take initiative, you're part of the decline of Western Civilization. (And the event was created by someone else, and part of a national initiative - I'm just lucky, like with Net Tuesday, to be able to make it happen)

Speaking of which, you might want to give a listen to this week's episode of Zone 4. The crew wanted to talk about property crossovers; I think talking about them is a waste of time, because they always turn into a large pile of rhetorical waste products. I was outvoted. Please listen to hear my First Amendment rights be trampled, or something.

(Actually, I only kid slightly - I'm just starting to get a little weary of comic and pop culture fandom. We sometimes take ourselves a little too seriously, and act a little too obnoxiously. But please give the podcast a listen).

And for those of you who are professionally inclined, here's my latest Job Stalker post.

P.S. No special significance to this entry's picture - just thought it was rather funny.

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