August 21, 2012

ACTION PHILOSOPHERS: Thinking You Under the Table

You know those semi-intellectual, rather brainy references I made in this blog?

For that, you can blame a Jesuit high school and college education.

For everyone else, there's a much more affordable - and enjoyable - introduction to higher learning. It was a reward for supporting one of Reading With Pictures' Kickstarter Campaigns, and quite honestly, if Evil Twin Comics' More Than Complete Action Philosophers didn't exist...I would write it myself.

Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey collect much of their previous work (with some new material) in a just-plain-fun collection. Each philosopher is described in a short (3 - 5 page) tale, told in a variety of styles, and the book is arranged by type/philosophical school of thought.

Thankfully, Van Lente and Dunlavey's greatest skill in Action Philosophers is bringing a playfulness to what could understandably be exceedingly dry material. It's the kind of book that is good as a nice, educational gift (and which is definitely going on my to-buy-for-the-godson list).

Buy this book. It's the best philosophy-oriented comic on the stands right now, and it's much cheaper than a Jesuit education.

If only I had this in high school.....

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