October 27, 2012

Kicking Into a Who-Ish Halloween

Spent most of this week recovering from a slightly nasty cold - thankfully, I'm in better spirits, and am feeling more ready for this weekend, which will include a Doctor Who-themed Halloween party on Saturday night, and a meetup/screening on Sunday.

(I'll also be making an appearance on October 30th on The Ultimate TV with pal Phil of Bar Tab of Rassilon. Perhaps there will be some news forthcoming....or at the very least, some on-camera shenanigans).

You also definitely want to give this week's Zone 4 a listen, where we engage in all sorts of tomfoolery. There are plenty of gratuitous Walking Dead references, and I openly mock the "Iron Chef of Opera" (who will be debating Marvel vs. DC with Pal Terry at Third Coast Pre-Election Night).

Also, if you'll be in town November 10th, I'll be putting on a special edition of the Chicago Geek Breakfast. Please be sure to check out our new main page at http://about.me/ChicagoGeekBreakfast.

And don't worry about my lack of blogging - I'm going to make up for it in November. Honestly.

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