October 30, 2012

The Venture Brothers & The Spirit of Halloween

I've always had a very soft spot for The Venture Brothers - it's a heady mix of fascination with Hanna Barbera, Marvel Comics, and slightly askew humor just hits the right spot. It's also frustrating being a Ventures fan: on the one hand, I dislike the long breaks between seasons, but also understand that achieving something halfway interesting takes time, talent, and work.

So when I read about the Very Venture Halloween special that recently aired, I made a point of placing it on my calendar, and caught it yesterday.

It goes without saying - I really enjoyed it.

One of the great things about watching the show is how Doc Hammer (who wrote this particular episode) and Jackson Publick are able to weave a lot of subplots, references to past continuity, etc, into each episode without it feeling overstuffed or somehow lost in the shuffle. Very Venture Halloween works excellently as both an excellent done-in-one....as well as a teaser for 2013's new episodes.

Do yourself a favor - go watch it now online. Watch past episodes. You'll be hooked.

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