October 1, 2012

Your Monday Free Comic Moment of Zen

As readers of this blog are aware, every so often I receive free review copies and information from Earthbound Comics....and today, I get to share a cool free comic with you.

Earthbound is releasing a great pin-up sampler called Earthbound Dossier, which is a series of pin-ups and explanations about many of the characters appearing in their books. (Think of it as like DC's Who's Who series, only one issue. And free). It's a really good introduction to many of the characters and stories I've written about, and is well worth checking out.

All for the price of free.

So head to http://comics.drivethrustuff.com/product/106128/Earthbound-Dossier and download your free copy. You'll have to create a login, but in all honesty, that's a good thing, because after you read the dossier, you'll definitely want to check out many of the other books Earthbound offers.

Think of it as your gateway into the great, fascinating world of indie comics.

Your week is now off to a great start. You'll thank me later.

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