November 4, 2012

Disney Owns STAR WARS - Now What?

As many of you who haven't been living in a tin shack in the middle of the desert are aware, George Lucas sold Lucasfilm (which includes the rights to Star Wars) to Disney, paving the way for more movies, and more opportunities for people to spout Jedi-ish sayings.

And I just have one small word of advice for Star Wars fans: if you think this is ruining the franchise, let it go. It's actually healthy.

I feel your pain, Jedi knights, I really do - I'm a Doctor Who fan, and we suffer from variations in fandom. There are the "Matt and/or David are cute" fans, who care nothing about the overall franchise; there are those who think that Who died in 1989, and that the new series "doesn't count"; and then there are people like the rest of us, who can enjoy classic and new series Who.

Like anything you love, there are going to be those to "jump on" at the last minute. I've heard rumors, for example, of people who think that The Phantom Menace is actually a pretty good movie. (I'm not one of them, but will defend Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith). And I'll argue that Star Wars isn't really a geeks-only franchise, but a popular franchise with geeky you're going to have new people coming in down the road.

My only belief and plea for Disney - don't do more trilogies. Think less trilogy and more "James Bond" - a new movie every 2 or 3 years, without the necessity of continuing subplots and arcs. I've kind of been more of a "films only" SW fan - and haven't dipped into the "extended universe" - but think this will actually be helpful, if it means sorting through various rights and legal issues.

And the best part - George Lucas is giving his cash to charity. Always a good thing.

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