November 8, 2012


(FULL DISCLOSURE: An electronic copy was provided for review purposes. My opinions are my own)

One of the really cool things about comics blogging is that, every once in awhile, a creator will offer a book for my review, and quite honestly, I love the chance to read something I haven't before. I'm also grateful when a book that I might not normally like surprises me with how much I enjoy it.

George Morrow's Teenaged Defending Society of America (or TSDA) is one such book - it's the kind of premise that might get a bit overdone (teenagers becoming superheroes), but there's a lightness of charm and wit to the book that really just won me over, and made it an enjoyable read.

(To best illustrate - look at the panel above. One of the characters takes on the superhero name "Panda Lad". I'll spare the details, but suffice it to say - it's quite funny)

The premise is simple: a group of young people wish to join a group of teenaged super-heroes. There are villains, fights, and the trials of high school. Morrow shows a lot of potential art-wise, and the story is pretty good as well....but there's a kind of charm about the whole book that endeared me.

As a good starter comic for a middle or early high schooler, TDSA is a really strong effort. If you're looking for a little light reading comic wise - something that will bring a smile to your face - I can't recommend this highly enough. (Plus, it's also available via Lush Comics for Android tablets and iPads). In terms of all-ages reads, it's one of the better efforts being put out.

Well worth checking out.

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