January 15, 2013

Sharing Secrets: COLOR ME OBSESSED

One of the qualities many great bands have is that talking about them is like sharing a secret - finding a hidden treasure that many people know, but yet somehow feels very exclusive. The sharing of stories about a band - and its impact - can often be a very powerful tool in driving how people react - and love - certain kinds of music.

Much like Jim Walsh's All Over But The Shouting, the documentary Color Me Obsessed focuses on the music of the Replacements, but told through stories of fans, participants, and various other observers. Remarkably, the great thing about the film is that it avoids using the band's very music - cleverly keeping it low budget (licensing their tunes might have cost a fortune), but adding an additional layer to their appeal. As someone who loves the Replacements, I found this movie endlessly entertaining....and fascinating. It's not only about a favorite subject, but is easily one of my favorite documentaries.

Although available on DVD, noisey is streaming the film on YouTube for a limited time. Watch this. Now.

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