February 8, 2013

Obligatory Note Excusing Absence

The past week has been a wee bit brutal - fighting off a major cold, being rejected after a great interview for a potential work gig, and....well, you it gets absurd when a recruiter asks you if you would be willing to buy a car so they can fill a position the far suburbs.

Yes, my life is stressful and hectic. Yes, I'm continuing the job search. If you know of a great position in the Chicago area, please let me know via Linked In.

But enough personal drama - I'm really proud that this week, I (along with Brant, Ron, and John) had the opportunity to interview Dirk Manning about his new book Write or Wrong for the Zone 4 podcast. I'm especially proud of the job I've done in interviewing him (and yes, I did take the lead, having thoroughly read the book from cover to cover).

So I'll try to keep you guys updated on all the cool stuff I'm doing, but please understand - I'm not turning this blog into a whine fest about working. I'm sure that someone will take me on, and I'm hoping to hear about some freelance work soon.

But my Linked In profile's there if you're interested.

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