July 13, 2013

Pilot Studio's THE LONGHUNTERS # 4: A Review

(Special thanks to Buck Weiss and Pilot Studios for the complimentary copy for review...and for their incredlble patience. Finally got around to this, guys - thanks again)

I've blogged previously about Longhunters (now published by Pilot Studios), and found it a really good comic. Focusing on a group of hunters making their way through the frontier in the early 19th century, Longhunters was a pretty solid series of tales....and now that issue 4 is out (and honestly - has been out for awhile), it's a great opportunity to jump onboard.

More Wolf Than Man is an origin tale for Whitewolf, one of the main characters, but don't let that bother you - it's also a great, Jack London-esque tale of a man discovering his true nature. But this isn't a comic that is easily pigeonholed - it's not historical drama, or neo-superhero, or even a "celebrity historical" (like some episodes of new Doctor Who), but simply tells some great tales. Buck Weiss' script is dead on, Ben Ferrari's art is exceptional, and Philip Nolte's lettering is really good. All in all, a great book.

Playing catchup in my blogging life has meant making time to enjoy creative endeavors. The Longhunters # 4 (available via Indy Planet) is well worth your time. It's simply that good.

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