August 6, 2013

Another Open Letter to Steven Moffatt

Dear Steven Moffatt,

I was very pleased - pleased as punch, you might say - to read that you've chosen Peter Capaldi to play the Doctor afterMatt Smith leaves later this year.

Quite frankly, we need, more than ever, an older Doctor. Admittedly, I felt the past two seasons of Doctor Who were more about "magic" - the Doctor waves his magic wand, er, I mean sonic screwdriver, and things get fixed. There's a rush to the end that just doesn't feel right narratively, or even in terms of tone.

An older Doctor...well, you can get a companion who does the more action-style stuff, but ultimately, you're forcing the Doctor - and your writers - to be more clever. Having a Doctor use his wits - rather than his magic buzzy stick, er, I mean sonic screwdriver - to solve problems.

And for whiny fans who claim that I'm not being fair....keep in mind, Mr. Moffatt, that you're the producer. Fans always whine - in fact, I know a guy who complained violently about Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Which, for me, is like saying that one jar of maraschino cherries is "better" than another....but I digress.

I know you have a lot on your plate, Mr. Moffatt, so I'll just say - good choice. I'm glad. Especially since I feel older yet geeky fans like me are sorely underrepresented in the media.

Thanks again, and good luck.

Your pal,

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