October 16, 2013

Time Isn't Relative: Help the Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction

I know that many of you out there are like me - willing to give a little to help out others. So when the opportunity came to run the Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction, I leapt at the opportunity....

...after all, isn't helping people and fighting evil what Doctor Who is all about?

However, I'm now soliciting item donations....and for the readers of this blog, it's a great opportunity to help out. How?

  • Know any stores/fan groups willing to donate items for auction? Thinking of donating an item yourself? Fill out our online form and trust me, I'll reach back out to you. (All proceeds benefit the Northern Illinois Food Bank, so you can be assured that I won't secretly steal your mint condition VHS of Time and the Rani).
  • Have suggestions for people/organizations I can contact, especially in the Midwest? Drop me an e-mail via auction@chicagotardis.com (That way, I don't have to put my personal contact information online, and won't have to deal with people bugging me because I made a cheap joke at the expense of Time and the Rani)
  • Forward/Tweet/Facebook the heck out of this post - use your social media mojo. Heck, even promote it on Google Plus. I'm not afraid to "shake what my mother gave me" in terms of bringing positivity to the Chicago area.
Since I'll be reaching out to various and sundry (and may end up contacting some of you anyway), why not help a pal out. Even if you can't be at Chicago TARDIS, you can help make the holidays a little easier for someone....and help someone else get some really cool Doctor Who-ish swag. In the end, isn't that what it's all about? 

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