November 6, 2013

Hump Day Reading To Put It In Perspective

I know that, in the middle of NaBloPoMo, simply linking to articles and calling it a post may seem like....well, cheating. But in an effort to give myself a little bit of creative room, I thought I would like to two articles I've read recently. These articles, I think, really help put a lot of our present situation into perspective....and quite frankly, I think they're worth checking out.

Surviving The Post-Employment Economy discusses many current issues in job seeking and unemployment. (And yes, I'm still not working, but am always open - and as my Linked In profile shows, I'm rather talented). It's a very unique perspective, and quite honestly, I think it's definitely a must-read.

Much closer to home, David Eads of Free Geek Chicago shared this article from Dissent on "big philanthrophy". As someone who has worked (and would like to work) in the non-profit field, much of what this article rings true about how larger foundations may be acting counter to community interests. (And plus, I've always been more of a "peer progressive" myself in focusing on smaller, more crowdsourced initiatives...which may explain why I'm not as popular in the non-profit/tech set as I should be; I'm more about strategy and implementation than the whiz-bang of tech).

So for this gentle Wednesday, a bit of a break for me - but some necessary reading for you. Enjoy!

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