November 13, 2013

More NaBloPoMo Blogging Content Goodness!

OK, so you're thinking, "Gee, Gordon, keeping up a post per day for NaBloPoMo might be a bit wearing, isn't it?"

Well, no, especially since I seem to be cranking out a ton of really cool posts about a variety of issues. Whether it's in front of my desktop or with Harvey, my Ubuntu-powered Toughbook in a place with wi-fi, I'm still managing to keep up on the writing and job seeking.

For example, my latest piece for I Hear of Sherlock focuses on an upcoming PBS special focusing on Holmes' influence on criminal investigation.

If you're into non-profits and tech, or just want a really great post, I'm glad I was solicited to write this post for Chicago Now's One Cause At A Time, focusing on prostate health. A must-read. 

With the recent brouhaha over the recovery of lost Doctor Who stories, my most recent Comic Related column focuses on both episodes....and I've never been so grateful to have to post a retraction, or have my information become out of date.

A special thanks to Barry Reese, who responded to my blog post about The Adventures of Lazarus Gray. And Barry, as a side note - soon, I'll be reading the third Shadow novel after reading the first two. Although I grew up on the radio Shadow, I am learning to love the pulp Shadow as well.

But don't worry - I'm still committed to one post per day over November, because as much as the job search eats my time....being creative is always worth it. 

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