December 11, 2013

Come, Watson! The Edit's Afoot!

As many of you know, I have been acting as associate editor for Zone 4 pal Ron's Airship 27 Productions....and my latest effort is a doozy.

You definitely want to pick up a copy of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Volume 5. It's one of the few Holmes pastiches that doesn't involve full-on mash ups with other franchises. (And yes, at some point I will be writing a more in-depth review for I Hear of Sherlock)

With some great, well-written tales that ring true, it's definitely worth it. I'm glad that although the job search is still ongoing (and I've taken on a potential freelance gig with a temp startup), that I have the time and effort to edit other people's work.

Oh, and I pitched a story for a really cool anthology - my take was "Robert B. Parker's Spenser meets Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective")

But until then, please feel free to purchase a copy of this fine volume....and thankfully, now that Amazon has come to its senses, if you purchase a copy from this site, you'll be supporting this very blog. Thanks!


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