January 27, 2014

Surviving Snowmageddon: 5 Things I Like About LEVERAGE

Like many people with, well, flexible work schedules, I've become enamoured of networks like Ion Television. Like many local television networks, Ion takes many shows (of recent vintage) and has mini-marathons, providing television junkies with a great opportunity to binge-watch. Thanks to Sunday visits at Mom's, I have now become a great fan of the show Leverage. Why? Well, here are five reasons:
  1. It's all about the con - much like the BBC's Hustle, Leverage plays up the fact that bad guys are taking down...well, badder guys. The writing is sharp, depends on hairpin turns, and is a little bit more tech-friendly than Hustle....but is still enjoyable to watch.
  2. Greatest. In-Joke. Ever. Episode two of season four contains a great riff on this classic show. And yes, the other episodes carry some nice riffs a-plenty.
  3. It follows the rules of the con: If you don't believe me, pick up David Maurer's The Big Con and read it. Each member plays a key role. And it's a fun ride.
  4. Plenty of Eye Candy, Regardless of Gender - from great set designs to the acting, great to watch. Won't be complaining any time soon, and....
  5. You Can Watch For Free- If you have Ion Television (part of most digital antenna packages), they run all-day marathons Fridays and Sundays.
My latest pop-culture thrill. Now, I'm inspired to work on that con-related pitch that's been in the back of my head....

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