January 10, 2014

Surviving Snowmageddon: Two Big Finish Doctor Who Audios

Thankfully, yesterday proved to be a busy day with the promise of new work, and the thawing of massive amounts of snow. So much so that I was able to accomplish something I did not have time to do - catch up on listening to audio dramas via Big Finish Productions.

(For a guy who had a local station playing old time radio shows, I've been negligent on that point, but here I go)....

My first selection was from Big Finish's Destiny of the Doctor series (which was a monthly series of adventures with the "classic" series Doctors. However, their Ninth Doctor audio, Night of the Whisper, is a truly gripping listen. Combining some classic pulp tropes with a slightly more futuristic tone (think "The Spider running around a future Las Vegas), this is a cracking good story, and Nicholas Briggs does a really good Ninth Doctor. (So much so that I kind of wish that, in future audios, they would "cheat" and have him perform the role without the BBC's permission....but that would be wrong).

To be honest, I was quite prepared to dislike The Butcher of Brisbane - after all, it was a prequel/sequel to The Talons of Weng-Chiang (my favorite classic Who story) written by Marc Platt, who is not one of my favorite writers (why Power of the Daleks was wiped but Ghost Light wasn't I'll never know)....and it appeared to be a recipe for disaster. In short, it's not all that bad - there's a bit of timey-wimey in the plot, and there is a sense of inevitability, but in between....there's some great political machinations, some great character moments, and quite honestly, it's the kind of story that handles time paradoxes better than Steven Moffatt has in the past.

Both stories are available in CD or digital download - and you don't have to wait until the cold of winter to enjoy either of them. 

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