May 20, 2014

Watching the Watcher: ORIGINAL SIN # 1

A murder that catches the attention of a superheroic community. Secrets which are threatened to be exposed. A reluctant investigator who must now ask difficult questions, aware that the answers might be shocking....

...sound familiar?

It would be really easy to mock this as Marvel's effort to create a Watchmen-style book (especially given the refrain of "Who Watches the Watcher?"). But that's a cheap, unnecessary shot, because this is a really good book that shows why - creatively - Marvel is making larger strides than DC.

Jason Aaron's script for this summer's mega-crossover event from Marvel really focuses on a growing story despite starting with the death of a near-omnipotent being. With a sudden jolt to a conversation about steak (don't ask), we see a really sudden reaction to a traumatic death. It's the kind of storytelling that drove previous DC efforts like Watchmen and Identity Crisis, but Marvel takes a decidedly different approach.

Unlike DC, there's no sense of melodrama or appealing to the fanboys. (Marvel's main lesson - they make comics for everybody, not just 45 year olds). It would be easy for me to snark about this book's quality, but it's an engaging tale that builds power as it progresses. Granted, this issue may be primarily setup, but it accomplishes it with efficiency. There simply isn't a bum note in the entire book.

Kudos are especially warranted for Mike Deodato's art - this is a great, moody-looking book that never seems to hit a false note, especially towards the end. Although the ending might have been intended to be's meant more as chilling and creepy.

I admit - I began this book with an extremely skeptical view, but reading it convinced me that Original Sin # 1 is a promising start. Although I probably won't be buying every tie-in....I will be following this book more closely.

It's a keeper, folks.

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