August 9, 2014

I Know Cool People - Buy THE KING OF CASINOS

I'll keep this amazingly brief, because - let's face it - things have been a bit hopping for me in terms of looking for work, writing, etc.

Ordered Andy's book The King of Casinos: Willie Martello and The El Rey Club, and read it from cover to cover.

Sheer brilliance from cover to cover.

It's a story about a small casino in a small Nevada town, and the owner who had some big ideas. It's a nice, breezy read chock full of some great anecdotes and insights into a time long past. (I wouldn't expect Andy to suddenly write like, say, Dostoevsky...he's the kind of guy who believes Chekhov's gun refers to the fact that, if you show a gun in Act 1, you use it to shoot Ensign Chekhov). It's the kind of book that reads like fiction....but it's all based on fact.

I can't say enough about this - it's a great read. Go buy it. click on the photo below. You'll thank me later.

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