November 24, 2014

A Month of Me

As all of you know, every once in awhile I Google my own name, and then - in an effort to improve my search results (as well as have a nice, convenient excuse to link dump on the blog) - I post them online.
Is it helpful? Possibly only to me, but at the very least, it provides a great opportunity for you to catch up on other online writing that I do as well.

(Especially with the fact that I've just learned that another publishing effort is coming to completion....meaning that I now have another "soon-to-be-released" story. And I will get royalties from all sales)

So without further adieu, feel free to jump on in and enjoy the link dumping:

You definitely want to put this week's Zone 4 episode on your playlist - it's two comic reviews of two characters I really enjoy. Plus, you get to hear my voice crack due to illness, so enjoy!

Speaking of comics, check out this month's column for Comic Related, in which I attempt to make up for lost time by featuring four super hero shows. I think you'll be surprised by my thoughts.....

Although I rarely make it on Pinterest, one of my early pins....keeps popping up. Don't ask me why.

Wow, almost no online shenanigans? Must mean I'm rather busy.....

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