November 8, 2014

Help the Chicago TARDIS/DOCTOR WHO Charity Auction

One of the many cool things I'm fortunate to be involved with is the charity auction for Chicago TARDIS, a great Doctor Who-themed convention to be held Thanksgiving weekend. I love the fact that I get to engage my fannish love of the show with my urge to do good and help others....but today, I'm asking for your help.

No, this isn't written out of desperation at all - just wanted to provide five positive ways that you can help the auction, even if you're not attending - or a Doctor Who fan:
  1. Donate an item for auction - we're always seeking cool Who-themed items for both our silent and live auctions. (All funds benefit Northern Illinois Food Bank). Think of it as a way to clean out your closet or basement, and provide some tangible benefit for the auction. If you're interested, please drop me a line at, and I can guide you through the rest of the process. It's easy - trust me!
  2. Consider being a bidder (if you're attending) - trust me, even if you don't win an item, you're providing us with the goodwill to move forward. (Plus, we do take payments of cash, check, or credit card - more on that in a moment). You can simply head to the Chicago TARDIS Auction Bidder subpage, fill out a quick form, and you'll be in.
  3. Make a Small Cash Donation - this year, we're fortunate to have a web-based way for people to donate. If you can't make the convention, but wish to make a donation, simply head to - it's Northern Illinois Food Bank's donation page. Simply donate and amount, and mention "Chicago TARDIS" in the comments section. Even if it's just a few dollars, you'll be helping out in a major way.
  4. Forward this post via social media - Yes, you're more than welcome to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest the Troughton out of this post. (And I'm using "Troughton" in lieu of profanity). The more people know about this, the more we can make an impact. And finally, in an abrupt twist
  5. Support Your Local Food Pantry - Even if you can't do anything for Chicago TARDIS, you can make an impact on your own community - many of us are out there on the front lines, trying to scrape by, and working hard simply to stay afloat. Showing people compassion - even in our highly charged, almost volatile cultural climate - can make the greatest of differences. Being willing to find the common humanity in your neighbors and other the greatest difference you can make.
One of the reasons why I love Doctor Who is that theme of empowerment - the fact that every life matters, and that even the most humble of individuals is capable of performing acts of great courage and benefit. I know that's why I entered the nonprofit field (although I've had to cross over into the corporate world because, well, that's where the jobs tend to be) as well as social enterprise. If the least you can do is help get the word out, great - if you can help with items, that's cool, too.
Either way, Chicago TARDIS is making a positive stand by holding this auction....and really needs - and deserves - your support. Thanks!

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