December 17, 2014

This Christmas, Give the Gift of TALL PULP

With the holidays fast approaching, you're probably wondering what to give that hard-to-shop-for person in your life....especially at the last minute. In a totally self-serving effort, let me suggest the gift of Tall Pulp , Pro Se Productions' anthology of stories featuring colorful characters from American folklore in a variety of pulp fiction settings.

Your loved ones will thrill to Greg Daniels as he relates how Mike Fink - the famous riverboat captain - fights Nazis. They'll get a thrill as Nancy Hansen relates her tale of the Leatherman. They can dive deeply into D. Alan Lewis' tale of legendary female pirate Anne Bonny, or head straight into the future with David White's portrait of Paul Bunyan in the 23rd century. They'll even learn some hidden history as Phillip Drayer Duncan relates the untold legacy of the Bowie knife....

But the most relevant tale in Tall Pulp - and this is where the self-serving comes in - is Crossing McCausland, about a metal-skinned man fighting crime in 1950s St. Louis. It's got plenty of gratuitous references to Missouri politics....gangsters....and the Crown Candy Kitchen. It's my first professional sale,and your loved ones will enjoy this and other tales. (Plus, they - and you - can always leave your honest review on Amazon....but I think they'll get a kick out of Tall Pulp).

Available in both softcover and Kindle format, Tall Pulp is a really good read. (Trust me, I've read the stories other than my own....and they're really good). So yes, I am shamelessly promoting this, but think of it as giving the gift of reading....and you'll gain immediate cool points when your loved one receives their copy of Tall Pulp.

So please buy it - you'll insure a great, pulp-flavored holiday. And yes, I am biased in that regard.

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