January 24, 2015

Writing, Writing Everywhere....

You know, things have been busy for me on both the work and the writing front. Not only do I have a story in Tall Pulp (which you should really buy and read, not just because I'm in it), but here's my writing/publishing schedule:

  • A hard-boiled urban fantasy story to be published in an anthology in April;
  • A tale with a classic pulp character to be published at some point in the future (there's editorial stuff that needs to be done);
  • A private eye tale I'm revising for submission, to be published at a later date; and
  • Organizing and writing two other tales for another publisher for future publication.
So you may understand why I may have neglected the blog for a bit, as well as why I tend to rely on editors to catch typos. (So if you've reached out to me on social media for any oops on my part, well....I've read it, but it may be out of my hands)

But all's well - part of my focus on writing is that I'll be writing about writing for the Chicago Now blog. In a strange way, my life is paralleling that blog's content - I just wrote about a book focusing on freelancing.

As usual, I've also spent much less time watching television and more on reading. (Although you'll see by my recent column for Comic Related, as well as a review for I Hear of Sherlock, that I am managing to fit both activities into my already busy life)

So in other words, things are the same as they usually are, except with a greater push for more paid freelance work in order to pay the bills. (If you know someone interested in hiring me, just send them my Linked In profile). And I promise, after ten plus years of blogging, there's still more to come.

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