February 10, 2015

Tuesday Blogaround

Things have been progressing at a pretty fast pace - writing assignments (two in process), current freelance work (things are gearing up, and I'm always eager for professional referrals. So today, just a bit of summary of my various writings and shenanigans online.

First, on the Comic Related tip: I not only have a new column up and running (and yes, I am aware of a misspelling), but there's a new edition of Zone 4. I think that either way, you'll get some enjoyment out of either one.

I was also fortunate enough to participate in a writer's roundtable about using visceral language. You definitely want to check out Sean Taylor's blog for more details.

If you're a member of the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup, you'll definitely want to help support our pledge drive. It pays for our hosting costs and allows members to help keep us moving along.

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