August 11, 2015

Ask THIS, Pal: Ask Gordon Anything. Seriously.

You know, maintaining a blog can be work....and I just realized that for many new-ish readers, they may be wondering just who the heck I am.

Plus, I have so much going on....I'm sure there's a great deal of curiosity. So in an effort to drive some traffic (as well as see just how people are aware of the blog), it's time for you to Ask This, Pal!

Stealing a page from pal Roger, I'm holding an open call for questions. That's right - I'm encouraging you, the reader, to ask me any question about anything.

Ask my opinion about the Zone 4 podcast. Ask me about my newly-found writing career. Ask me about my personal life. Trust me, I'll provide you an honest answer and/or a witty bon mot.

So just a few things as we proceed:

  • You can ask either via the comments section below, or tweet them @gordondym with the hashtag #askTHISpal
  • E-mail it to me at with the subject line Ask THIS, Pal!
  • If we're connected on Facebook, post on my wall and/or private message me
  • I will be exercising some discretion in answering, meaning I'm not going to betray a personal trust nor violate any non-disclosure agreements (as per my professional efforts); and
  • If it looks like trollbait, I will follow up for clarification. If it is troll bait, I will ignore it. Deal?
Otherwise, you have until August 24th to get your questions in....and looking forward to providing the answers!

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