September 2, 2015

Coming Soon To the Blog: MONDAYS WITH COLUMBO

You know, it's been awhile since I've live blogged a show without the words "Doctor" and "Who" in the title....and although I fully intend to do that for Series Nine, I thought I would take advantage of a currently up-and-coming trend....

With two podcasts and a blog focusing on the show, the Columbo series is making a bit of a comeback. Perhaps a slow, deliberate style of storytelling seems antiquated in this multi-arc, rapid fire media climate....but there's something genuinely unique about Columbo

It's one of the few franchises that I remember (barely) as a child, but reconnected with during the 1980s revival. (The release of The Columbo Phile: A Casebook  helped immensely). It was also one of the early spurs of my then-college era writing career, leading me to develop a spec treatment for a possible episode.

(You can see the results here....and no, I can't find the treatment. Nor my high-school era story proposal for Doctor Who).

So here's how this will (more than likely) work:

  • My focus is going to be on the first seven seasons of the show (via its initial run on NBC). I don't own the ABC movies, and if memory serves....they weren't necessarily that good.
  • Posts would happen every other Monday - it allows me to watch a movie several times, and quite honestly, it gives me a bit of a cushion should I need to skip a week.
  • As far as's going to be random, simply because going chronologically would get boring. Plus, there's a greater sense of discovery (in addition to the fact that, with each episode being 70 - 90 minutes, it can get a bit boring).
So please feel free to order your DVDs (the show's also available via Netflix, and ordering below gives me a bit of a kickback.

Oh, and just one more thing - I'm open to debate. I'll just be posting my reactions and insights, rather than plain information. You're more than welcome to rebut me at any time.

And looking forward to this - if anything, it should help me reflex my blogging muscles. 

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